Reusable swim diapers to
reduce accidents at the pool.


A Snappy Story

Much like many of our beloved products, Snappy Babes swim diapers were created out of necessity. Our babies love to swim and we love to keep them safe. Snappy Babes allows you to swim with confidence.

No more soggy diapers

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More Happiness & Reduced Waste


Reuse In a Better Way


Safe Pools

"Don't let your baby close the pool!"

Jane - Alberta, Canada

Saving Money

"It's a blessing to have dry diapers after a swimming session. Thank you SB!"

Paulette - Alberta, Canada

Perfectly Comfortable

Thanks so much for letting me try these out! I really like the swim diaper. The material is good it didn’t seem like it would stretch enough to get Harley into them but it was and they didn’t bother her at all. They were pretty easy to get on and off and easy to clean, I just threw them in the washer and air dried. I haven’t had any poops yet but I don’t see how anything could get out of there. It was convenient to only have 1 layer to deal with rather than 1 swim diaper and 1 pair of rubber pants. I will keep using them.

Brienne - Alberta, Canada

Used it every swim

We absolutely love the swim nappy, its awesome! We use it all the time, it dries really well and it's just great!!

Sandy - South Africa